Information about PROMPRYLAD LLC's devices in Chinese at your disposal!

For many years, our enterprise’s been part of the OKO Association group of companies, which is internationally known as OKOndt GROUPТМ. Due to this cooperation, PROMPRYLAD’s got an opportunity not just to provide Ukrainian industry with the non-destructive testing instruments but also supply them abroad and take part in the international forums on NDT thus getting acquainted with the global tendencies of the field, and getting familiar with experience of other manufacturers.

Released under the trade mark of OKOndt GROUP, the products developed by PROMPRYLAD help to resolve various NDT tasks across the globe. And we hope that within next few years to expand the trade geography, as recently, OKO has decided to promote their products more actively in the Asia-Pacific Region by launching the website On the pages of this resource the information about flaw detectors, probes, calibration blocks made by our company and other members of the Association is given in Chinese. There is an opportunity to read news and articles, learn about the features of the application of non-destructive testing methods in various industries, and get a consultation from our Chinese-speaking Sales Manager.

Information about PROMPRYLAD LLC's devices in Chinese at your disposal!

Participating in exhibitions of NDT equipment in Europe, America and Asia, we were convinced that the products developed by PROMPRYLAD are not only competitive, but often stand out competitors in terms of advanced functionality and boast affordable price. The peculiarity of our production –elaboration of the device in which technical requirements of the customer are taken into account – allows the buyer to optimally solve the problem one is facing, to obtain the most accurate and reliable result. It is possible to equip the flaw detectors made by our company with the complementary modules, during transportation the equipment is packed in sturdy and reliable containers or other types of package suitable for a specific device. Technical staff of PROMPRYLAD provide online consultations, on-site training or courses can be ordered, besides, the customers from abroad can come to our site or look at the equipment’s operation in a real time by means of online presentation.

Primarily oriented to the Ukrainian market PROMPRYLAD LLC takes a great pride in its products quality being recognized worldwide. We’d be happy to expand cooperation with Chinese companies and get the opportunities to develop brand new products for enhancing the NDT level in the Region.