TDM-1 dynamic hardness tester

 It is intended for quick measurement and testing of hardness of structural, carbon-base and stainless steel and nonferrous metal alloys in laboratory-like and field environments.


Hardness scale Measurements limits Absolute error Resolution capability
НВ 90...450 ±15 1,0
HRC 20...70 ±2,0 0,1

Measurement results correction according to probe space position + (0º, 45º ,90º, 35º, 180º)
Calibration option +
Statistic measurement mode + (from 3 to 99)
Automatic translation of hardness to the ultimate tensile strength (according to GOST 22761) +
Storage battery state-of-charge check mode +
Automatic alarm system which goes off when the measured value exceeds the limits set by the user sound and visual
Measurement results memory + (2000 measurements)
Connection with PC via RS232 port and possibility of measurements report generation +
Time of continuous operation from fully charged storage batteries, no less than, hour 25
Operating temperatures range, ºС minus 10….+40
Case protection level according to GOST 14254 IP40
Electronic unit dimensions, mm 158 × 85 × 32
Unit weight, no more than, kg 0,4