Our group of companies launches web-site in Asia-Pacific

“OKO” Association with SPE “Promprylad” being a member of it for over two decades, opens a web-site in the Asia-Pacific Region (AsPac, APR) – www.okondt.sg

This will create a positive effect on sales geography, providing the AsPac countries with more access to complete information regarding available for purchase NDT means, our new elaborations, distributor contact details in the region.

NDT in the AsPac

Asia-Pacific Region stepped into the XXI century as a world’s leader by its economical and industrial growth. However, along with the powerful technological progress of megapolises and big cities, an outdated equipment is still being used in outlying districts away from the center, and the condition of such equipment shall be thoroughly checked without interrupting the operating processes. Non-destructive testing staff perfectly solve this issue, and the companies of the South-East Asia and neighbouring countries have been regularly studying the NDT market looking for devices that perfectly match their requirements.

Engineers of “Promprylad” during the international and regional exhibitions communicate a lot with the attendees from the APR who come to booth with our equipment, ask to demonstrate the products, exchange contact details with our managers. In the autumn of 2017, we participated in the Asia Pacific Conference NDT (APCNDT) which was held in Singapore. This forum showed that the NDT developments of the companies-members of “OKO” Association are competitive and have a great potential to be used at the industrial enterprises in the region.

A particular interest was expressed to the single- and double-rail mechanised trolleys UDS2-77 and UDS2-73, and ETS2-77.

After the APCNDT a number of incoming requests for quotations from Asian and Pacific companies had grown. Besides the inquiries for equipment, we also received several requests to hold the instructional events: trainings, consultations, seminars. The engineers of “Promprylad” demonstrated the equipment’s operation in India, Korea, Thailand, thus featuring defects detection using our devices on the railway tracks, rails of the metropolitan, on the helicopters’ skin, pipes, girders.

Importance of the timely and high-quality non-destructive testing is hard to overestimate. “Promprylad” improves their products, elaborates new ones, envisages the possibility of upgrading their devices according to the customers’ tasks and needs. We are pleased to realize that the equipment produced by our company will facilitate the safety of railway, aircraft, piping and other sectors of industry in the Asia-Pacific Region.